Similar Photos Fixer

Delete similar-looking and duplicate images to get an organized Photo Collection.

Download similar selfie fixer on App Store
Download similar selfie fixer on App Store

Incredible Features

Managed Photo Album

Identifies and deletes similar looking photos for an organized photo collection.

Recover Valuable Storage Space

Deleting similar-looking and duplicate photos help recovering storage space on your device.

Detect Both Similar and Duplicate Photos

Methodically searches for exact copies and similar looking photos.

Grouped Results

Detected duplicates and similar photos are grouped for easy cleaning.

Download similar selfie fixer on App Store

Why choose
Similar Photos Fixer?

Similar Photos Fixer is an easy yet powerful tool that scans your device for similar-looking and duplicate photos. Using the app is simple, launch it, select matching level and tap Search Duplicate Photos. The app will search for and duplicate images stored on your device in a few seconds. This will not only save you from the hassle of manually deleting similar-looking and duplicate photos but will also help recover valuable space on your device.

Similar Photos Fixer

The easiest, fastest & safest way to get rid of similar looking and duplicate Photos!

Download similar selfie fixer on App Store
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